Ohbliv – “PCE2thegrandmasters”

Ohbliv has loops the way Lil’ Wayne once had extremely creative ways to describe his current level of intoxication. That is to say, he has plenty of loops. He’s extremely prolific — we seem to feature something Ohbliv related at least twice a month — and yet the quality doesn’t dip. Ohbliv seems to build the majority of his beats on a lot of repetition. There’s usually an interesting sample that gets repeated and repeated until you’re hit with a change-up in the beat. And then you’ll hear that catchy sample again for a few bars until you’re hit with a slightly different alteration in the beat. It sounds simpler than it is; like attempting to write out “PCE2thegrandmasters” without looking to double-check which letters were omitted from the song title. This song also features some horns. And those sound pretty good in rap beats.

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Ohbliv – Pce2theGrandMasters by HW&W Recordings

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