Listen to Ohbliv’s New Loosies Compilation ‘LewseJoints The Third’

Listen to Ohbliv’s New Loosies Compilation ‘LewseJoints The Third’

lewsejoints-the-thirdOh hey, Ohbliv, I see you’re back with more loosies to share with the world in the form of LewseJoints The Third. That’s awesome. You know why? Because your leftover loops and flips tend to be better than 95 percent of what else I was going to stumble upon today, so thank you for this. Also, can you do me (and the rest of your fans) a favor? Please do let us know when that proper new project is coming out.

I know you have been busy with stuff—hell, that’s the reason you’ve been clearing out these loosies!—but just a teaser, release date, something would be great. Or not! I can understand quality control and wanting to keep things under wraps until you’re comfortable. After all, we can just listen to LewseJoints The Third and all the other great stuff on your Bandcamp. Thanks for “Post Grace,” by the way. So good.

You can stream the compilation below and buy it here.

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