Oh Wait: Lupe Fiasco’s Pissed At Pete Rock

Lupe Fiasco Oh Wait: Lupe Fiascos Pissed At Pete RockFirst things first: You want to know why I’m posting this? Because it’s fucking dumb and needs to be brought to your attention. I could ignore it and look the other way, but this has got to be the stupidest thing happening in rap right now. Yes, it is indeed lamer than the YMCMB/G.O.O.D. Music beef because at least that shit has some records to go with it. All Pete Rock and Lupe Fiasco have with each other are words, most of which appeared on your Twitter feed.

Anyway, you know how we posted about how these two made up and are BFF/working together? Well, apparently Fiasco is pissed that Rock put that out there so quickly. Aww, what’s wrong, Lu, did you want to announce it yourself? Seriously, this is fucking outrageously foolish and someone just needs to throw a muzzle over dude’s mouth. Good luck getting anyone excited about anything you’re doing ever again. Well, anyone worth mention at least.

Listen to Fiasco’s rant below.