Notes to Self – “Sky Light [InBetween]” [Video]

Notes to Self – “Sky Light [InBetween]” [Video]

notes-to-self-light-videoAfter hearing “Popular Music” and “Sky Light [InBetween]“, it’s pretty much safe to say “Notes back” like Roshin just did. While discussing a video treatment for “Sky Light” with Bronze One, director Benjamin Young Hart (see “All Of The Above“) was asked if he would be able to read to his little sister’s class. From that session, Benjamin and Bronze went through a couple of bowls of pho and came up with this video.

It centers on a trip to Toronto’s Centre Island with 9-year olds, where there’s running, jumping and dancing all while Swamp Donkey, Rage Roshin, DJ Dopey and Bronze One filmed a music video. It’s definitely going to put a smile on your face and hey, even Ol’ Dirty would’ve said “Notes to Self is for the children”.

Watch the great video below and check out Target Market [RECOIL] when it drops in three weeks time (Feb. 26).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVV6BA9yXDA?rel=0]

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