Nostalgia 77 – “Little Steps”

Oh what a treat we have here! I was poking around the Tru Thoughts website this weekend, and I discovered that they are giving away the classic Nostalgia 77 track, “Little Steps”, for free to build excitement for the new album coming up in March. For those who have not yet heard this track, or its respective album, Everything Under the Sun, you are in for some nu-jazz goodness. The fluid vocals and trumpet are set perfectly atop steady background percussion that is simply irresistible. Check it out and be sure to look for the new Nostalgia 77 album in 2011.

Stream “Little Steps” below and hit the skip for the download. As always, leave us your thoughts!

[audio:|titles=Nostalgia 77 – Little Steps]

Download: Nostalgia 77 – “Little Steps” [Right Click, Save-As]

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  1. Digs – Glad you enjoy it. The new album should be fantastic. I’m very excited to see what he has in store.

  2. Nice! “Little Steps” was/is my favorite track from Everything Under The Sun. I love the horns at the break, they’ll lift you up quick, LOL. I’m hearing about this new album for the first time, and I’m sure it will be dope. Props on the post!

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