Nobody – One For All Without Hesitation [LP]

Nobody – One For All Without Hesitation [LP]

We leaked a track from Nobody’s latest opus last week with the thought that it would be a means of getting us all hyped up for an album dropping in a month or so. But nope, the producer/DJ instead opted to simply give away his entire record for free. He dropped it off via an interview with LA Weekly, which you can read by clicking the publication’s name. And as I indicated in the previous post on this project, Nobody has apparently fallen in love with Auto-Tune as he “sings” throughout using the robotic-voice device. Surprisingly, it actually works rather well for the most part, with only some tracks becoming grating thanks to the sometimes nauseating-effect. Some cuts even end up sounding like something you would hear on a Black Moth Super Rainbow album.

Well, enough writing, just hit the skip and download the damn album already if you’re interested. I recommend at least checking it out for a few cuts, especially “Innocence in a Sense”, which features Nocando.

Download: Nobody – One For All Without Hesitation

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