Near Death Experiences and Barn Recordings: Keeping the Faith with The O’My’s


I interviewed The O’My’s for the first time almost a year ago, weeks after they had released A Humble Masterpiece, their second LP. When I interviewed the founders and frontmen of the Chicago soul outfit, Nick Hennessey and Maceo Haymes, they were setting up for band practice. It was the first time their lineup had wholly conjoined, without interchanging members and trombone players coming and going.

For the last year, that core has remained the same. They have toured around the country in a bus, opening for ZZ Ward, where early one morning, the driver fell asleep at the wheel and they flipped their vehicle in the middle of the American Panhandle. Walking away with nothing more than shakes and bumps and bruises, the eight passengers inside that van remain stronger than ever. They have released an EP. They have found their name on Ab-Soul’s These Days…. They’ve performed alongside Saba and Blended Babies. They have recorded in a barn in Michigan. They have more tattooes and more stories. They are alive.

As they prep the release of their upcoming LP, Keeping the Faith, I traveled to speak with Maceo and Nick. On that rainy afternoon, we talked growth, family values, and the tight bond with their live band, which is now, for the first time, also their studio band.

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