Natasha Kmeto – The Ache [Album]

Portland, Ore.’s Natasha Kmeto is on the verge of something huge. A versatile, inventive producer and a forceful vocalist, she recently released The Ache (via PDX imprint Dropping Gems) as a name-your-own-price Bandcamp download (with a physical release to follow.) The production is varied, dark and beautiful, with vaguely Eastern influences informing the sound palette and avant-garde touches bringing to mind LA beat luminaries like Nosaj Thing.

As an instrumental album, The Ache would be cool as hell, but it’s Kmeto’s songwriting and singing that take it to the next level. A mature and coherent writer, her voice is like a force of nature, putting a soulful R&B-influenced gloss over the gritty bass and beats production. Her vocal competence and willingness to get weird will likely draw comparisons to noted eccentric Gonjasufi, and deservedly so- The Ache is one of the most original releases to come through in quite a while.

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Download: Natasha Kmeto – The Ache [Bandcamp]

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