Nardwuar’s 10 Best Interviews of 2013

nardwuar-hatIf there’s one constant in the music world, it’s that we can always expect to be entertained whenever Nardwuar the Human Serviette uploads a new video interview. It’s easy to label them as absurd and we’re often guilty of cheaply throwing that adjective at the Vancouver, B.C. native whenever we write about his latest clip. But to be fair, his interviews regularly dive into ridiculous territory because Nardwuar loves asking questions that no one else does. He also does have a fondness for bringing up some of the most humorous bits about an artist’s life, which can include handing over an LP with obscene artwork, bringing up his or her’s favorite strip club(s), or anything in between.

Yet, as funny as the interviews can be, Nardwuar’s discussions with artists are worth their time because of the information you can gain from watching them. That goes beyond simply learning an obscure fact or something of that ilk. Many times, I’ve become more fond of a rapper after seeing his or her’s interview with Nardwuar, who’s typically able to disarm even the coldest MCs (and other artists) out there. That remained true in 2013 and we wanted to make sure to highlight his best work this past year, just as we did in 2012. And similar to last year’s list, this wasn’t easy, but hey, someone had to do it.

Click below to watch Nardwuar’s best interviews of 2013.

9 thoughts on “Nardwuar’s 10 Best Interviews of 2013

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  1. The end was amazing as well! It should be on here!

  2. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    Damn that one was great!

  3. AndrewMartinPIMB|

    Agreed! But that was 2012!

  4. Bastien Tsst|

    Questlove might be the most interesting person when it comes to talk about music in general. If you have 2 hours, you have to watch the segment he did for Redbull Music Academy, it’s just mindblowing

  5. His Juicy J interveiw should’ve been in there.

  6. the interview with Wacka Flocka should have made the top 10 as well 🙂

  7. almost commented that i’d like to see Nardwuar vs. God, but then i remembered Nardwuar is God

  8. The_Shirker|

    Where’s the one with Flatbush Zombies? (was that last year?) That was by far one of the best he’s ever done.

  9. Bloodmoney Perez|

    i love narduwar so much..

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