Nardwuar’s 10 Best Interviews of 2012

Nardwuar’s 10 Best Interviews of 2012

nardwuar-juicy-jHere at Potholes, we love us some Nardwuar. I mean, who doesn’t love the Human Serviette? He’s probably the most well-known music journalist to geeks like me—and the other folks who scribble down digital thoughts on here. He’s also capable of grounding most artists and making them realize it’s a damn privilege to be talking to someone who’s both knowledgeable and entertaining.

Yeah, some of you hate his shtick, but you can’t act like he hasn’t surprised you with his deeper-than-fucking-Wikipedia smarts. Now, if only he could do another interview with Questlove—seriously, if you haven’t watched it, do so now—and also give a second chance to Jay-Z and Nas. Both MCs were kind of jerky to Nardwuar when he spoke with them years ago, but hey, maybe they have chilled a bit. Seems that way from their music, right?

Click below to watch Nardwuar’s best interviews of 2012.

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