Nacho Picasso – “Crime Waves” P. Swiff D

nacho-picasso-high-and-mightyOct. 31 isn’t just the day we’ll be dressing up like goobers and celebrating Halloween. Oh no, it’s also when we’ll be bumping the hell out of Nacho Picasso‘s new album, High & Mighty. It’s his follow-up (of sorts) to the damn-good Black Narcissus mixtape that dropped late last year. It’s also off to a huge start with “Crime Waves”. The track is a certified banger produced by Swiff D, who’s known for his work with Pac Div, and features all the tough/nerdy references you’d hope. That The Never-Ending Story line? YES.

You can hear the track below.

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  1. eyesandteeth|

    It is great to see Nacho P slowly blowing up.
    Unique, very distinctive voice.
    Always cold as fuck with the flows.

  2. Hes still progressing. i love it

  3. aw ye. nacho always delivers!

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