Nacho Picasso – Black Narcissus [Mixtape]

Out of nowhere, we have a brand-new release from Nacho Picasso to bump (and heartily laugh with) on Black Friday. It’s called Black Narcissus, it’s filled with woozy Raised Byy Wolves and Eric G beats, and it boasts more of those gut-busting punch lines from the Seattle spitter. Oh, and it’s free. Yeah, get it now, enjoy, and let us know how it holds up to his previous releases.

Download: Nacho Picasso – Black Narcissus [Bandcamp]

6 thoughts on “Nacho Picasso – Black Narcissus [Mixtape]

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  1. Nacho Picasso is whack as shit, he needs to stop ruining BSBD and Eric G beats, PRONTO!

  2. So drop $7. It’s worth more.

  3. Its back to being free

  4. yep…free stream….aint free to DL,,,ahwell

  5. free? it’s tryina charge me $7

  6. nacho is awesome but this one isnt nearly as good as his BSBD tapes.

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