Mya – “My Love Is Like…Wo” (Jaw Jam Bootleg)

jaw jam headphones Mya   My Love Is Like...Wo (Jaw Jam Bootleg)In the remix/bootleg sphere, it’s really easy to muck up a track with pointless noises and miscued vocal flips, but if you’re a follower of Jaw Jam, you never have to worry about hearing that with one of his bootlegs. For his latest venture, the artist known by the government as Will DiMaggio chose to flip Mya’s “My Love Is Like…Wo”, a seductive track in its own right.

Using his devilishly simple, yet effective, cut-and-go synth style, he does a great job flipping the beat, while keeping the vocals relatively intact, creating a whole new landscape for the track. The man was kind enough to give this one up for a free download, but who knows how long that will last? Grab it for free while you can and check out his phenomenal Untitled EP, released on Live for the Funk.