Motëm – The Forthcoming Mixtape [Mixtape]

Motëm – The Forthcoming Mixtape [Mixtape]

I bought a ’94 Jetta when I turned 17 from all the blood money I earned making butter tarts for Dee, who hired me on probably illegally as a child labourer when I was 14 and paid me something retarded like 6.15/hour for the next three years. Whatever. From all I had saved I ended up with a sweet ride I earned and loved and bonded with more than my city friends did with their cars, most of which had just gifted by their ma and pas. I loved my car the best, to which their leathered out characterless things didn’t even compare. Jetta was black. I always vacuumed and washed her, kept a huge additive CD book I called “THE BIBLE” in the front seat, and still worshiped her even when she refused to let her windows go down all the way — in fact my Dad and I had borded them up because I kept showing up to school soaked. I love jetta more than most humans I know, probably because you learn a lot about people when you drive them around. Most of them are assholes. Ask a cabbie.

I hope Hamilton’s Motëm also has some sort of heart string connection with “JETTA”, given he has named the apocalyptic synth track 9 after one. But even if he doesn’t idgaf——k because my own memories are enough to trip me back to 140 km/hr bridge runs on Weir’s lane. Zoom.

Hit the skip to check out the convertible video for “All of the Above” and to download the funk and funny tape in its entirety. Then bump it in a Jetta.

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Download: Motëm – The Forthcoming Mixtape [Mediafire] [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UbM78O7pQY&version=3&hl=en_US]

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