Monster Rally – Coral II: The Remixes [Album]

Pool Party 60s Splash Monster Rally   Coral II: The Remixes [Album]Monster Rally ‘s Coral II is “hold onto your hats” good. A couple months ago Teddy Feighan released an album that sounded like Madlib meets The Beach Boys. This remix album is all the excitement and auditory annihilation of a monster track rally minus the annoying, “SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!” hype. With remixes from Teen Daze to Rimar it’s a fitting hip-hop meets chill beats rework of his Coral LP that dropped in January. I think these remixes are so fucking on point. Don’t miss out on these fantastic tracks, give ‘em a listen and it’ll rev your engines.

Hit the skip to stream and download the project.

Download: Monster Rally – Coral II: The Remixes [Bandcamp]