Enter Another Dimension By Watching Mndsgn’s “TXT (MSGS)” Video

mndsgn-txt-videoCapturing the essence of an instrumental track and bringing it to the visual realm isn’t an easy task. The reasoning is quite simply, really, because lyrics mean that you can portray a narrative, or some semblance of one at least, by sticking closely to, well the lyrics. When it’s all about the sounds, however, you’re left with a lot less to work with. Or is it more? It all depends on the source material.

Take Mndsgn‘s gorgeous “TXT (MSGS),” for example. The track, which is off his new Yawn Zen album, just received the visual treatment and thoughts of how it would enter that realm immediately began swirling. How will the director make it work? By employing plenty of psychedelic touches to complement the music, of course! The “TXT” video is utterly hypnotizing, much like the music itself, and will leave you feeling like you just entered another dimension for a lil’ over two and a half minutes. Who knows, maybe you actually did.

You can watch the video below and buy the album on Amazon.

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