Watch Mndsgn’s Amazing New “Camelblues” Video

mndsgn-camelblues-video Alright, it’s time for an admission. Despite its release over a month ago, I have yet to sit down and listen to Mndsgn‘s latest LP, Yawn Zen. Which is odd, because I’ve been a huge fan of this dude’s work to date. Anyway, consider this the bump I needed, because this video for single “Camelblues” is an absolute winner. Taking place in a thrift shop, Mndsgn’s new video centers on him performing this lethargic jam in stylish outfits using a wide array of vintage instruments. The quirky visuals suit the track perfectly, as the synthesizers bring us to a place where Napoleon Dynamite might dwell.

You can watch the video below and buy Yawn Zen on Amazon.

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