Mixed Drinks & Mixed Tapes: Young Jeezy, Lil B, Domo Genesis & Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire

First and foremost, before we get into this edition of your favorite Pharrell-hating column dedicated to what DJ Drama calls “the religion of the streets,” can we just TALK about that Rick Ross piece that ran in GQ? It was like a repository of all of the funny things that have been thought or said in the past one hundred years. It was that good. Here is but a smattering of the goodness to be found within what will surely go down as one of the finest pieces of journalism of the twenty-first century:

“’Chicks send me pictures,’ Ross said. ‘And I appreciate it! I love all of them. But I don’t do that shit. I’m the Boss.’ He shook his head, his expression hidden behind his candy-apple-red-framed aviator sunglasses. ‘Real n–gas don’t send dick flicks.’

And in a way Rick Ross was right. Anthony Weiner wanted to live like a boss, though he couldn’t admit it to anyone. And that shame was part of the reason he wasn’t acting like a boss. Anthony Weiner is not a real n–ga, and I think he understands his mistake now.”

Oh, and one more about the way Rick Ross acts in a strip club:

“I have no idea where the bricks of money come from, but every so often another appears, and Ross throws hundreds and hundreds of never-before-touched $1 bills on the floor. Not with any kind of flourish or fetishistic savor or anything, but like a man feeding pigeons. A man who doesn’t even really like pigeons.”

On the whole, the piece is superb and way better than anything I will ever write. Okay. On to rappers who are not Rick Ross. Hit the skip to keep reading.

Young Jeezy – The Real Is Back 2

In a lot of ways, Young Jeezy is playing catch-up with Rick Ross. Just like Ross dipping his beard into the underground and coming up with Lex Luger hanging onto it for dear life, Jeezy has sprinkled a little trail of money that impossibly young up-and-coming producer Lil Lody followed straight into his (probably) heavily-armored studio. And soon after Ross treaded through the comments section of Nah Right and decided to sign Wale, Meek Mill and Pill, Young Jeezy drafted Freddie Gibbs, another nugget of rap blog fodder, into his CTE camp.

What’s crazy is unlike the Wale/Mill/Pill triumvirate of mediocrity, Jeezy aligning himself with Freddie Gibbs makes perfect sense. While Jeezy has always been an insanely charismatic rapper who’s a little light on the technical/wordplay side, Gibbs is gangsta rap’s Yngwie Malmsteen, an insanely-fast fast-rapper whose flow gets described by rap writers in the same way that sportswriters talk about horses. This tape essentially serves as Gibbs’ goon coming-out party, and he takes to the role admirably, riding shotgun (both figuratively and probably literally) on four of these tracks, playing an even more pissed-off gutter rap pose than even Jeezy can muster. It’s awesome. I do not completely understand what Freddie Gibbs means when he threatens to hit me “with that act-right,” but whatever that means, I would like to make a formal apology to Freddie Gibbs.

Drink some Popov vodka with this one. Just like Jeezy, who was once a member of Boyz In Da Hood, P. Diddy’s half-assed stab at a Southern gangsta rap group, Popov is incredibly cheap vodka that’s owned by Diageo plc, an alcoholic beverages conglomerate that also owns Cîroc, the vodka that P. Diddy is basically the hype man for. Drink it straight, or else Freddie Gibbs will hit you with that act-right.

Random aside: One time in I interviewed Freddie Gibbs for a college news site and asked him his thoughts on Lil B releasing a 676-song mixtape. His response? “Fuck that dude. That’s stupid.” I ended up not running the interview.

Download: Young Jeezy – The Real Is Back 2 [Dat Piff]

Stream the hottest track, “Gotta See This” featuring Freddie Gibbs and JW, below.

Lil B – Black Flame

Speaking of Lil B, hey! He just put a new mixtape out! Segues! I was planning on writing up Lil B’s I Forgive You, but then he dropped Black Flame and rendered my opinion completely moot. The pace at which Lil B releases music renders it nearly impossible to actually form an opinion on it if you’re trying to keep up. As a friend of mine once said, Lil B is the only artist who releases music faster than it can be reviewed. I have 882 Lil B songs in my iTunes, and I wouldn’t consider myself a completist. More a casual fan than anything.

Anyway, Young Based God Barrangtangtangtang Hunned Thousand Trillion Fifteen And A Half basically says “hahahaha jk” on about half of I Forgive You, and just folds the other bits completely halfassedly into Black Flame, even leaving his vocal drops of, “Dis that I Forgive You. Mixtape! Anderson Cooper! Swag!” This tape has, as Friend Of Mixed Drinks And Mixed Tapes Craig S. Jenkins tweeted, that intangible quality that some Lil B mixtapes have that makes them better than other Lil B mixtapes.

As you crack open that zip file for Black Flame, also considering cracking open tall boy of Keystone. It is the Black Flame to the Blue Flame that is a normal can of Keystone.

Download: Lil B – Black Flame [Dat Piff]

Stream the hottest track, “Heard Her Cry”, below.

Domo Genesis – Under the Influence

Out of the Odd Future Mainstream Shakeup Kill Them All, there have been startling revelations aplenty. For one, it’s that Tyler, The Creator actually spits a pretty decent guest verse, even if he’s up against heavy hitters like Pusha T. Also, turns out that all Hodgy Beats wanted was just to be signed to Stones Throw. Thirdly, it seems that the most promising rapper out of the camp might actually be Domo Genesis. Once firmly entrenched in the OFWGKTA B-team, Domo has found a nice niche in the cloud of Cloud Rap, his sound fitting nicely along with the likes of Main Attrakionz and ASAP Rocky and the like.

What’s even more better and importanter than that is that this tape is the first Odd Future mixtape post-them blowing up, and it’s awesome. Domo Genesis was made for these beats; what’s even more impressive in that most of them weren’t made for him. Anyway, this tape earns Domo Genesis the Odd Future Wolf Gang Senior Superlative of “Most Likely to Pop Up on a Curren$y Mixtape.” Also, the last song is called “Smokemon”, and it’s Domo Genesis singing endearingly terribly about how much he loves marijuana over thePokemon theme song. If you’re drinking anything while playing this, you’re doing it wrong. Smoke sum’in, bruh.

Note: Mixed Drinks and Mixed Tapes does not condone the smoking of any illegal pots, only metal ones like we have pictured above.

Download: Domo Genesis – Under The Influence [Limelinx]

Stream the hottest track, “Whole City Behind Us” featuring Ace Creator, below. Click here for Domo Genesis lyrics.

Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Lost In Translation

If Domo Genesis is The Dude of modern-day hip-hop, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire is Walter Sobchak. Frantically going at seventeen million miles per hour, intent on rapping so hard he might actually catch on fire, and completely aware of his depressing subject matter, eXquire revels in his style like a pig in shit. MMF is the latest in a long line of rappers who were supposed to save New York rap. Except, unlike Saigon and Papoose and Fred da Godson (lol), Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire might actually do it.

X joins Danny Brown as one of the few rappers who can Vulcan mind-meld abject gutter rap and Def Jux-style weirdness together (the fact that he’s rapping over, like, four repurposed beats from Cannibal Ox’s The Cold Vein does little to avoid this comparison). He’s got a killer sense of humor, too, intentionally mispronouncing “Czechoslovakia” so that it sounds more like “Check-uh-shu-vodka,” rapping about getting kidnapped to John Woo, and talking about how there’s no Living Social deal you can buy to keep him from finding you if he wants to take you down.

People like to compare him to Method Man, but that’s bullshit: Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire is his own man. While Meth’s flow is meticulous, sneakily technical and at times loced-out, eXquire is all over the place, like he’s drunk driving in a Mazda MPV, just like he claims to be doing in the amazing “Huzzah”. (perhaps even more amazing than “Huzzah” is the song’s remix, which features Despot, Das Racist, Danny Brown, and El-P). Meth, for example, would never end a verse by going, “Deh-deh-deh-deh—I fucked up on purpose.”

If you’ve listened to “Huzzah”,  you already know what you whould be drinking: Georgi vodka and cranberry juice, just like the chorus goes. Drink it out of a giant measuring cup, which was a favorite tactic of mine in college, and one I see that Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire’s, erm, ladyfriend, adapts for the purposes of this video.

Download: Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Lost In Translation [Bandcamp]

Watch the video for the hottest track, “The Last Huzzah”, below.

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