Mikky Ekko – “Pull Me Down” P. Clams Casino

Mikky Ekko – “Pull Me Down” P. Clams Casino

Mikky Ekko Pull Me Down Mikky Ekko   Pull Me Down P. Clams Casino

While they sound very different, I tend to group Clams Casino and AraabMuzik together when it comes to production–considering they both roll in a similar circle of vocalists. With that said, since their initial rise to Internet stardom, the two producers have been taking rather unique paths. While AraabMuzik has continued to produce massive gutter beats for all sorts of gritty MCs, he has also found a way to further his sound in the realm of dance and EDM. Clams Casino on the other hand has taken his lush soundscapes to the world of R&B, producing for the Weeknd, and now, Mikky Ekko.

Our first taste of Clams’ work with Ekko is “Pull Me Down”, a fantastic pop jam that is powered by absolutely beautiful melodies. I don’t know much about Mikky Ekko, but apparently he should be on everyone’s radar. Not just for this single, but because he has an entire project in the works with people like Dave Sitek and Paul Epworth. Not too shabby, eh?

Listen to “Pull Me Down” and stay tuned for more tunes from Mikky Ekko.