Mike Mictlan – SNAXXX [Free Album]

Doomtree is more than just a group of forward-thinking hip-hop artists. They are a full-fledged brand, representing a counter-culture in a genre that has had a pretty uniform frame of mind for the past twenty years or so. When they are together, their chemistry is undeniable. But it is also interesting to see how each individual artist fairs in a solo setting without the team behind them. Several members have already proven themselves on that level, like P.O.S, Dessa and Lazerbeak, to name a few. But Mike Mictlan hasn’t quite received the same exposure.

That is where SNAXXX comes in, the first solo project Mictlan has dropped since 2005. In Internet years, that is a damn long time. His sound is certainly an extension of Doomtree, doused with hyped production on the verge of apocalypse. But where Mike Mictlan separates himself from other artists from collective is in the humor. While it isn’t always so obvious, nearly every song on SNAXXX is stuffed with grim punchlines and sprinkled with snappy vocal samples. I didn’t expect much from this project, but Mictlan might just come out of this thing being one of my favorite Doomtree members. And that is a fact!

Listen to the project below and head over to Bandcamp to purchase a limited edition SNAXXX PAXXX.

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