Listen: Michael Uzowuru Shares His Vibrant ‘Pink Orchids’ EP

michael-uzowuru-pink-orchidsIf you’re anything like me, you first heard producer Michael Uzowuru when his tracks with then-frequent collaborator Vince Staples, like “Twitch” and “Champagne Wishlist,” began appearing online in early 2012. From there, Uzowuru expanded his reach and worked with the likes of Om’mas Keith (on “Nightcap“) and, most recently, Vic Mensa (on “Major Payne“). All the while, I was wondering to myself, When is this guy going to drop his own project?

Out of nowhere, he’s done exactly that with Pink Orchids, a vibrant and wonderfully composed EP featuring five new tracks and a slew of collaborators. What I find particularly interesting is the influx of Chicago artists, though that’s not terribly surprising given (again) his aforementioned work with Mensa. The Windy City rapper shows up to sing-song on standout “Waves” while Donnie Trumpet and Peter Cottontale lend their brass-y talents to “Sunday.”

If you, too, had been curious about what Uzowuru was up to these days beyond lending his talents to “Major Payne,” you damn well better check out Pink Orchids. That goes double for anyone who hasn’t heard his music before and/or you are a fan of creatively crafted (mostly) instrumental music. Hats off to Michael Uzowuru; this is damn good.

Listen to the EP and peep the personnel listing below.


  • Doc Allison – cello (track 5)
  • Claire Courchene – cello (track 3)
  • Peter Cottontale – horn arrangement (track 2)
  • Syd Everett – guitar (track 5)
  • J.P. Floyd – trombone (track 2)
  • Jeff Gitelman – guitar, bass guitar (track 2, 4)
  • Kelsey Gonzalez – bass guitar, guitar (track 1,2)
  • Rich Gonzalez – trumpet (track 5)
  • Thomas Lea – violo (track 3)
  • Vic Mensa – vocals (track 3)
  • Danielle Neal – muse, support (track 1,2,3,4,5)
  • Nich Pimentel – percussion (track 3)
  • Nico Segal/Donnie Trumpet – trumpet (track 2)
  • Michael Uzowuru – piano, synthesizer, drum programming, vocals (tracks 1,2,3,4,5)

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