Mexicans With Guns – Ceremony

Mexicans with Guns – Ceremony
Friends of Friends: 2011

Mexicans with Guns has been assaulting the blogosphere for a relatively short time, but long enough to carve out a niche and a reputation.  The name and press photos certainly help things.

What also helps Ernest Gonzales’ cause are his hellacious beats and the trunk-ready Freddie Gibbs cut “Highway to Hell”.  Both of which thankfully make an appearance on MWG’s Ceremony.

The album starts off slow with a mood-setting incantation, leading into MWG’s style of Hispanic-infused bass-heavy dub.  “Dame Lo” is an up-tempo, salsa flavored affair that blends Latino influences with dancehall bass.  The glitches build tension until a slimy synth break-down lets you know just how serious the situation is.

Mostly, Mexicans With Guns sticks with the downbeats early and often (not always the best thing) and some of his 8-bit moves come off campy.  But ultimately, he gets it right with a little help from his friends.

Got Me Fucked Up” is a grimy, greasy, engrossing affair. California-based battle veteran Nocando flips some nice wordplay in the midst of some sinister synths and furious hi-hats.  Spacey brain-caver Helado Negro adds some otherworldly flavor on album closer “El Moreno”.

And then there’s the Gibbs joint, which would probably earn the album three stars by itself.  Gibbs could find the pocket in a Speedo, so he certainly has no problem over the techy synths and Latin-flavored timbales here.

Put simply, if you have affinity for futuristic bass-lead tracks and like your summer music spicy, a Ceremony is definitely in order.

[audio:|titles=Mexicans with Guns – Got Me F_cked Up ft. Nocando]
3.5 out of 5

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