Potholes Premiere: Stream Memotone & Soosh’s Gorgeous New Single “Humble Joy”

Potholes Premiere: Stream Memotone & Soosh’s Gorgeous New Single “Humble Joy”

memotone-soosh-memooshOver a number of weekend recording retreats, fellow U.K. producers Soosh and Memotone began sculpting a project that never would have happened without the push of indie label Project: Mooncircle. The label’s team apparently figured that the two artists would make for a good pair, a notion that rings true once you hear the work they have done together. Later this month, they will release their joint full-length, Memoosh, which features 11 tracks (12 on the digital edition) that give zero f_cks about musical boundaries genre restrictions.

While, yes, you can easily throw adjectives like “abstract” and “experimental” at this album—wait ’til you hear slow-burner “Pale Fire”—there’s more to it than the few left-field electronic bits of Memoosh. That much is apparent on standout “Humble Joy,” a perfectly titled cut that never jumps too far into upbeat territory but doesn’t leave you scratching your head either. Sure, there’s a minute or so where you’re wondering, Where is this going?, but that’s when the plucking instruments waltz in and the sounds just wrap themselves around you and give you a warming sonic hug.

You can hear “Humble Joy” below. Memoosh is out Oct. 6.

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