Melanin 9 – “White Russian” F. Roc Marciano

No rest for the weary, right? Right, so that’s why I’m up late building this post and why Roc Marciano dropped another stellar feature. This time, he hopped on a track by British spitter Melanin 9, who allows his Long Island, N.Y.-repping contemporary to lead things off with a tack-sharp verse. As the artwork states, you’ll find this on Melanin’s upcoming Magna Carta LP dropping Dec. 3. Marci’s Reloaded is out now.

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  1. *Orphans of Cush

  2. Melanin 9’s actually sick, too; that Orphans of Kush album that he and three other UK spitters put together was incredibly underrated.

  3. Promise me that you review this album!

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