Median – The Sender

Median – The Sender
FE Music: 2011

In a better rap world Median would occupy a bigger chunk of the dialogues and debates concerning great contemporary rappers. Blessed with a golden voice, a sage’s inclination for topical clarity, and a delivery as slick the frame of a ’67 Jaguar, Median does the rap God’s proud. His sophomore release The Sender continues his fly intelligent grown man shit for listeners needing music of substance. The album is a concise thirteen tracks of personalized lyricism blended over soulful chops and loops confidently removed for the experimental swag tendencies of his Gen-Y rap peers.

The Sender opens with Kev Brown’s muted low-end hum on “Take A Chance” featuring Phonte. The song channels everything that made the Justice League such a respected collective in the first half of the aughts. Khrysis than provides that elevated boom-bap on “Bright Individual” where Median humbly pontificates on why his essence shines without all the bells & whistles of his materialistic contemporaries. The albums strongest moment is the futurist neo-soul swing of S1’s “Turn Ya On” with healthy vocal assistance from Big Remo and Tay. The song is so cool The Most Interesting Man In The World would drop the pretense and do the two-step. Later the smooth ‘notic of “Okie Dokers” has Median and Khrysis trading verses so skillfully, I heard “Otis” blushes when its sound comes on.

As has become common in J-League releases, The Sender does get a bit limp-dick in terms of production style and mixing techniques towards its middle. Yet, Median’s album is a relief to the current rap climate where artist prop up personality for their lack of talent. It’s a simple rap album full of quality songs and a strong identity captured most pleasingly by 9th‘s hazey textures on “Kiss the Sky”; further refined by Sy Smith’s sultry harmonizing. The Sender won’t be a critical darling or generate hits on the trendy blogs, but it’s definitely better than 75 percent of the noise flooding the daily rap race.

[audio:|titles=Median – The Sender (prod. 9th Wonder)]
3.5 out of 5

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  2. All around great album to me! Very pleased with Median’s work on this effort!

  3. Nice review, mang. Totally agree.

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