Maxmillion Dunbar – Mix For Soul Jazz MP3

Maxmillion Dunbar – Mix For Soul Jazz MP3

Some of you might know Maxmillion Dunbar the same way I do, as part of the abrasive-rap trio Food For Animals. If you don’t get to Googlin’, y’all, because I really don’t feel like linking to their super-NSFW/gnarly video for “Tween My Lips”. The track is fire, though, so you could always minimize/head to another tab after you hit play. Anyway, Dunbar is also a pretty slick DJ. And he is showing off skills on ye olde turntables here with this dreamy mix he crafted for Soul Jazz, a British record label. It’s just about 42 minutes long and terribly hypnotic, so don’t be too shocked if you look at the clock and see that you have eaten up nearly an hour of your day. Don’t worry about it, either, because it’s totally worth it. [via]

Hit the skip to stream/download the mix.

SOTU#5_Maxmillion Dunbar – Future Times (May 2011) by Soul Jazz Records

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