Maggz – Soundscapes (Spring Selection) [EP]

Columbus, Ohio’s Maggz released the newest entry in his periodic, seasonal Soundscapes series this week, and the Spring Selection slaps. Employing neon-lit synths by the truckload and neck-snapping kick-snare combos, Soundscapes (Spring Selection) achieves balance by introducing ambient elements, and the combination of the sacred (earthy atmospherics) with the profane (late-night space-funk) works surprisingly well.

The slick, bouncy “Warm Rain”, which plays like a last-call anthem from a club that doesn’t exist yet, gives way to the richly textured, thoroughly chilled-out “Clouds Of Mist” and the even more floaty and ambient “Blooming Sun”. These more downtempo tracks serve to balance out the bangers, and an occasional synth pad or ethereal wind noise recall a slightly more hip-hop oriented Welder. Soundscapes (Spring Selection) might indicate that Maggz has dual personalities in his productions, but it also demonstrates that they’re in no way mutually exclusive, and in fact cooperate quite nicely.

Download: Maggz – Soundscapes (Spring Selection) [Bandcamp] 

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