Maffew Ragazino – Rhyme Pays [Album]

If Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg likes Maffew Ragazino, you should too, right? Yes, yes you should. Okay, not true, but when he was featured on his latest mixtape, it was ill. I’m saying it was silly ill, emergency-room-necessary good. If you’re not a sheep to radio personalities’ whims, Rhyme Pays will convince you. At 16 tracks, it’s got those bangers, more bangers and money laden lyrics, because rhyme pays y’all. Yeah, it has an Action Bronson cameo too. Ragazino says, “Rhyme Pays is pretty much autobiographical. It’s about my story and how rhyme will pay one day.” [via] Why’s this so funny? It’s free. I guess it pays to be a hip-hop head too. Thanks Ragazino!

Hit the skip to stream/download the album.

Download: Maffew Ragazino – Rhyme Pays [Mediafire]


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