Listen to Two New Madlib Beats Off ‘Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton’ Soundtrack

madlib-the-beatsDid you get enough Madlib this year already from Rock Konducta and Pinata? No? Good, because we didn’t either. As we reported back in May, the Left Coast producer (among other job titles) put together his very first soundtrack in creating the beats for Stones Throw’s Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton documentary. And to celebrate the OST’s Sept. 9 release on vinyl, the label has shared two more beats from the Beat Konducta himself. They’re “Cue 4” and “Cue 6,” both of which are (as you’d hope) thick with samples, bass, and drums.

I’m particularly fond of “Cue 6,” if only because I’ve heard another producer flip that same sample, albeit in a very different way. I can’t recall who it was at the moment—I’m sure one of y’all will be able to help me out—but I love what Madlib has done with the source material. Also, who wants to come by and smack me upside the head for not seeing Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton yet? Idiocy, I tells ya.

You can hear the beats below and learn more about/pre-order the soundtrack on Stones Throw.

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  1. Andrew_Martin520|

    YES, thank you. I’ll now look for the song haha

  2. jessemorgan|

    That’s from Murs & 9th, not sure which song

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