Made In Heights – “Death”

Made In Heights – “Death”

made-in-heights-deathAfter a long and lengthy hiatus, talented duo Made In Heights return with their new song, “Death”. Perhaps foreseeable due to the flowers on the cover, this plushly produced record is in actuality a rather positive one. Blissful croons first lace a soft, shining backdrop before flowing lyrics spill from the mouth of the vocalist.

“Death” is certainly special; whether you tune in closely or let the ambient track play in the background, you’ll find yourself happy that you decided to press play. This is honestly my first time hearing anything from the group, which happens to include Sabzi of Blue Scholars, but I’ve spent the last 20 minutes getting happily lost in their short-but-sweet Soundcloud catalog.

Stream the track below, and consider this thought-provoking line: “Now I comprehend that/ death is not the end”. [via]

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