Mac Miller – “S.D.S.” P. Flying Lotus

mac-millerMac Miller has a new album dropping soon called Watching Movies With The Sound Off. While we wouldn’t normally care much about such a development, we can’t help but pay attention when the lead single boosts an incredible wonky production from Flying Lotus. “Somebody Do Somethin'” is set to drop tonight on iTunes, and will also be accompanied by a set of visuals on Wednesday. No release date on the album just yet, but we will keep you posted if there is any more music worth noting in the future.

Stream “S.D.S.” below. [via]

27 thoughts on “Mac Miller – “S.D.S.” P. Flying Lotus

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  1. she looks so much like rashida jones!

  2. i dont agree with you if mac was a wannabe he would not be working with flying lotus

  3. FlyLo should have gave this beat to Blu or Zeroh.

  4. someones been hanging out with earl a little bit

  5. Ok FlyLo, lets just say is “charity”…

  6. hes definitely not mimicking MF doom in any way on this track

  7. not an easy instrumental to flow on, sometimes the beat is the lyric…

  8. its behind the rapping

  9. sorryimright|

    everyones a wannabe

  10. These raps are weak as hell, FlyLo WTF!?

  11. this is dope. looking forward to this album. Mac Miller switched his style up for the better.

  12. what sound great as a flylo instrumental track but really doesn’t fit the vocals in my opinion.

  13. This is dope, cant wait for the album. Flylo Mac and Earl are coming up real quick and i love to see great musicians get the recognition that they deserve. some talented young cats.

  14. Peter Warren|

    FlyLo…stop helping wannabes. You’re too good for this!

  15. Finally something i can dig from Mac

  16. good question bbj

  17. big baby jesus|

    where’s the instrumental?

  18. its nomi leasure, his girlfriend

  19. This is some 1983 ish


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