Louis Mackey – Destroyer of All Things [LP]

Here’s a pleasant little treat brought to you by the good folks over at World Around Records and Potholes In My Blog. Producer-rapper Louis Mackey brings us his latest album, an instrumental work titled Destroyer of All Things. For those who are not yet familiar with Mr. Mackey, the underground hip-hopper has already accumulated a noteworthy catalog of albums, EPs and, according to World Around, hundreds of tracks that have yet to see the light of day (or the insides of headphones). Louis Mackey’s Destroyer of All Things shows off his affinity for boombastic beats and catchy, jazzy melodies.

Without giving away too much, hit the skip to download the album and leave us your thoughts. Thanks to Justin for helping to put this together. You can stream the track “Sleepy Heads” below.

[audio:http://potholesinmyblog.flywheelsites.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/04-Sleepy-Heads.mp3|titles=Louis Mackey – Sleepy Heads]

Download: Louis Mackey – Destroyer of All Things

5 thoughts on “Louis Mackey – Destroyer of All Things [LP]

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  1. Humpasaur Jones|

    Flames McFlamerson.

  2. illini11|

    WOW. Louis Mackey, will you marry me?? =)

  3. JustPlans|

    Couple of really dope joints on this ep (love mc-ide, coo cover too def worth a check & much props for making it a free dl

  4. It’s hard for me to get into slow tracks that don’t have vocals on em. I can still appreciate the effort on this though. I like “Destroyer of All Things” the most. The way the vibes roll on the track is a nice switch from the guitar. My next choice is “Sleepy Heads” – that’s that Kool G Rap “Streets Of NY” sample and this track would’ve been good as an alternate mix on that 12-inch.

  5. Infinitez|

    YESSSSSSS. The first track on this is insane. Louis has really honed his sound on this, the mixing has been perfect so far. Awesome release thank you.

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