L’Orange – “The End” F. Billy Woods [Video]

L’Orange – “The End” F. Billy Woods [Video]


Billy Woods and L’Orange connect for a stellar music video single in “The End”, a rather cinematic visual piece soundtracked by visceral language and production befitting the entrance of a cloaked and sinister king.

“Why is it when the night comes, the whole world seems… spooky,” the narrator questions of the listener. Fittingly, shapeshifting creatures of darkness and ghoulish depths trail our protagonist for the duration of what really amounts to be a short film. Director Jay Brown and VFX editor Paul Mihailoff combine prowess of storytelling and technology to create something special.

L’Orange’s The Orchid Days releases to digital outlets Apr. 8. Here’s to hoping such quality music continues. Watch “The End” below.

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