Listen to Logic’s Melodic “Driving Ms. Daisy” Single Featuring Childish Gambino

logic-driving-ms-daisyA truly good summer song is one that makes you feel like it’s summer. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including embracing some of the things you really love doing during the warmer months—like driving around with no real ambitions beyond contemplation and listening to good music. Maryland rapper/producer Logic perfectly captures that feeling with the aptly titled “Driving Ms. Daisy,” which is more about dealing with a troubled life in general than the topics discussed in the similarly titled film.

You feel like you’re in the passenger seat right next to Logic’s first verse while guest Childish Gambino throws you in the back so he, too, can reflect on some trials of his own. Surprise, surprise, Gambino sticks to talking about women, though he does so in a reflective way. It doesn’t hurt that the instrumental, which Logic produced with 6ix, sounds like a mixture of hip-hop and a choice track from your favorite old-school racing video game. Hell, it actually sounds a bit like the parts of Super Mario Bros 3 when you first enter a castle and Toad (right?) is jumping up and down.

You can hear “Driving Ms. Daisy” below.

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