Listen: Vic Mensa Delivers Dirty Raps On “Major Payne”

vic-mensa-major-payneHave you ever listened to Chicago rapper Vic Mensa and thought, “Hmm, it’d be nice if dude rapped more about his sexual exploits?” No? Well, me neither. However, I will say that he decided to get incredibly filthy over some damn-good, bass-heavy production from Michael Uzowuru, who deserves more placements than he gets. Anyway, it feels weird to label “Major Payne” as NSFW considering it’s, you know, just a song, but goddamnit Vic: Did you really have to mention butt licking in, like, the second bar? Here I thought we’d be hearing some references to Damon Wayans or something.

You can hear “Major Payne” below. It’s off his upcoming Street Lights EP.

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