Listen to the Samples Used On Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’

kanye-west-glassesAh, the Internet, where things happen so quickly that you might not even realize they have happened. Like this mix of all the samples used on Kanye West’s new album, Yeezus, that doesn’t even come out until Tuesday. I realize that it, erm, leaked this past Friday, but goddamn to some of y’all move fast. Boom Bap Beatnik deserves some kind of award for his detective work here, as he hunted down all the samples on the record and then threw them together for a nifty lil’ mix. I get the feeling that someone is going to comment on how this mix is better than Yeezus itself, but I’m just aware of the power of troll-dom.

You can stream the sample mix below.

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  1. I’ve found it since. Thanks for looking out.

  2. >use google chrome

    >go to mixcloud page with mix, not the one embedded here
    >right click, click inspect element
    >in the inspect window that pops up, hit the network tab (the third one)

    >play the mix, let it play for a couple seconds

    >look through the list that shows up for the mp3 (there’s a file type column)

    >right-click the link that corresponds to it in the leftmost column and hit open in new tab

    It usually can take a few seconds to a few minutes for the page to load, but it loads up (tab turns dark, in the center there’s a play button and volume control), right-click the screen and hit Save As and voila

  3. Uh huh honey

  4. IvanRott|

    Hit me up on Twitter…

  5. This mix is better than yeezus. And thats not being a troll. I love ye but this new album is trash. I just hope JayZ new album doesn’t take after it. The album is like 808’s and heartbreaks not in sound but in style. He just went really original and arty. Which worked on 808’s but not everyone agrees. Yeezus is a love it or hate it album. Can’t wait for his next album though.

  6. Checking YouTube comments is detective work?

  7. I guess this can’t be downloaded.

  8. Ian Shepard|

    I’ll wait until the release date before passing my final judgment, but this sounds like “Antichrist Superstar” as powered by a meme generator. “Yeezus,” I mean. Not the sample tape.

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