Listen To Stik Figa’s New Project ‘The Pookey Tape’

stik figa

At the end of the day, many of us are just trying to search for the smaller things in life that offer brief but invaluable moments of joy and escape; Stik Figa offers a consistent collective of such moments with The Pookey Tape, thrilled and willing to tip his cap to both his upbringing and his current life as a grown man.

The Kentucky-born, Kansas-bred emcee offers a unique outlook and tendency to introduce a large dosage of introspection throughout the eight-track project (the double-time, coherent delivery on “The Book of Chad”; the nostalgia of “Charlies Liquor”). Tape¬†equally shines, though, thanks to Figa’s audible excitement in experimenting with melodies, which add a heightened sense of musicality to the entire album.

Stream and download The Pookey Tape below via DJBooth.Net.

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