Listen To Raury’s Excellent Interview With WNYU’s Flagship Hip-Hop Show, #NW3Radio

Listen To Raury’s Excellent Interview With WNYU’s Flagship Hip-Hop Show, #NW3Radio


This past summer saw the meteoric rise of Raury, an 18-year-old uber-talent from Atlanta. Mid-2014 also welcomed the upward mobility of #NW3Radio (Now, Where Were We), WNYU’s flagship hip-hop show and a prospering platform doing its part to restore respect to college radio. Common, Combat Jack, Howard Bloom, Noah Callahan-Bever, Andy Cohn and many, many more esteemed individuals have either called in or sat down to visit the famous station beneath the Weinstein dorms. Raury, the self-proclaimed savior of the youth, can now add himself to the impressive lineage of on-air guests.

Cohost Dharmic X returned from a two-week trip to rejoin Peter Oasis, and the two wasted no time sharing laughs and half-baked, playful jabs. The pair once more captured a professional sound. Steady voices and smooth transitions go a long way while 1000s are tuning in to your broadcast, and both hosts undoubtedly delivered. Raury dropped jewels, too, unloading a host of previously untold information just in the first few minutes. From the dates of the shoots for “God’s Whisper” to his multi-year development with his management team, there is a lot to learn.

When asked to introduce himself by Oasis, the young artist confidently said, “You’re listening to the voice of the future.” Though it’s tempting to raise an eye brow, I can’t claim to know what the 2018 music landscape will be. I do know that if pushed to bet on Raury’s career, I’d do so in his favor.

Check out Raury’s WNYU interview below, and be sure to tune in to #NW3 every Wednesday evening at wnyu.org, or 89.1 FM if you live in or around New York City. This won’t be the last special segment brought to you by the increasingly relevant program, so keep your eyes open for more work from Dharmic and Oasis.


  1. Alex Siber
    Sep 05, 2014 @ 21:42:00

    I’m a fan (obviously lol), but can definitely feel you there

  2. Plop
    Sep 05, 2014 @ 18:47:00


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