Listen to Open Mike Eagle’s Great New Song “Late Show” Produced By Exile

open-mike-eagle-late-showOpen Mike Eagle‘s fantastic new track, “Late Show,” serves two purposes:

  1. It’s a victory lap of sorts for Mike, who’s had one hell of a year with his new album, new podcast, and slew of international tour dates
  2. It’s the first song we’re hearing off Mello Music Group’s upcoming label compilation, which is due out in early 2015

Beyond that, the Exile-produced joint is simply one of the best songs I’ve heard in a minute. Maybe it’s because Mike just goes off for like four minutes straight—the last minute or so is more of an improvised series of thoughts—and drops lines like, “And I’m a polar bear with words for a fancy song/ I think it’s the first verse from “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”/ [audience laughs]/ Fuck you, I like the Spin Doctors.” He also spits about America liking dogs more than his people, privacy rights vs. personal computers, and much more.

Just listen.

You can hear “Late Show” below.

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