Listen to Kanye West’s Interview On Juan Epstein

kanye-west-juan-epsteinDespite some fans falling out of favor with Kanye West, I know a lot of you are still here for his interviews that tend to be entertaining and educational in terms of learning more about what makes him who he is these days. That includes his discussion with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds, which lasts about 30 minutes or so.

They kick things off getting “nerdy” by talking about Yeezy’s preferred sampling devices and the producers who have inspired him the most. After that, they get into his Yeezus Tour and his speeches about fashion that he said are inspired by his need to make hip-hop in terms of clothing and not just the music. The two and West also talked about how people perceive hip-hop, how his frustrations in the fashion industry spurred the creation of Yeezus, and much more.

You can stream/download the podcast below.

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  1. More of the same from Kanye: 7 black billionaires, Nike limited me, etc. I’ve heard all this in the BBC interview

  2. Bloodmoney Perez|

    favorite interview so far.

  3. Bloodmoney Perez|

    I wonder how many of you heard about this… when Biggie guested on Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear” remix in ’94, BT took issue with a line that he thought was directed at his group, The Roots. The line went, “like the Gooch, disappear… Vamoose, you’re wack to me/ Take dem rhymes back to the factory.” Apparently, Black Thought, like many other fans, including myself, thought he heard, “Like The Roots disappear…” But I wasn’t thinking about the rap group… I was thinking more like “voodoo roots”… like he was casting a spell on wack emcees, causing them to disappear… but Biggie explained it to Tariq and said that he was saying “the Gooch,” who was an imagined bully on the sitcom Different Strokes, who used to bully Arnold…. because the line before that was “more guns than roses, foes is shakin’ in they boots… invisible bully… like the Gooch, disappear” so if you remember the sitcom and listen close, then it makes sense. Take a listen for yourself…

  4. doooooope, been waiting for this!

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