Listen to Fredo Santana and Childish Gambino Spit Blistering Verses on “Riot”


Saying I’m not the biggest fan of Fredo Santana or Childish Gambino would be a huge understatement. However, I have to commend when rappers I can’t stand put out something that makes me take notice. That’s what Gambino does on “Riot.” Fredo has a way of bringing out the best in his collaborators whether it’s Kendrick or Gambino.

“Riot” succeeds largely because Gambino’s verse is so cognizant of all the gripes many hip-hop fans have against him. When he spits, “They don’t feel him, no they don’t feel him, they in they feelin’s/He could rap but he shouldn’t, tried to kill him, they couldn’t,” it’s the equivalent of a rapper breaking the fourth wall. Gambino’s right on both counts. I haven’t felt him after the freestyle antics of him calling out other rappers or claiming he’s top 5, but a large section of hip-hop did try to kill him and so far he’s surviving. So kudos to him on that front.

If you’re intrigued, you can listen to the CDQ version of this previously leaked song below.

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  1. Justahphase|

    Childish Gambino really is a versatile artist. And even though people like to say that he has a generic rapping sound I think in a way what he’s doing, if you look at his singing ability, he has the ability to put out timeless music

  2. isnt he cheef kieves brother or something??

    this is cool tho not as good as the one with kendrick …i’m still shouting i cant leave the country cuz im a felon homie

  3. AndrewMartin520|

    yeah I can get with this

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