Listen To ForteBowie’s Remix Of Pharrell’s “Happy”

Listen To ForteBowie’s Remix Of Pharrell’s “Happy”


Atlanta artist ForteBowie has captured our attention with his beat-altering remix of Pharrell’s smash single, “Happy”. The clap-driven original, what with its friendly, dancing synth-bass backbone, goes under the Bowie-controlled knife and emerges crisper and cleaner than ever before. Shimmering flutes, 80s-styled jingles, melodic chimes and vocal stockings culminate to create what feels like a new song entirely.

All respect to the version of the record that’s sat atop the charts for weeks now, but I’m going to choose this remix whenever I feel a sudden urge to listen to some happy, positive Pharrell music. I tip my cap to ForteBowie. Stream the remix below.

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