Listen to Busta Rhymes’ New Single “Calm Down” Featuring Eminem

busta-rhymes-calm-downWant to hear two ridiculously technically talented rappers go verse for verse on a new track? Well, you’re in luck then, because that’s exactly what’s going down on “Calm Down,” the latest track off Busta Rhymes‘ upcoming E.L.E. 2 album. It features a guest verse from Eminem, who finds the time to drop homophobic remarks, hate on Internet bloggers, and mention mass shootings. In other words, it’s yet another example of Em just rapping for rap’s sake but mostly saying a bunch of bullshit. As for the track’s host, he falls into that same trap of dropping lines about very of-the-moment topics—namely social media sites—but it’s nice to hear Busta just snap like this over the House of Pain sample.

You can hear “Calm Down” below and buy it on iTunes. It’s produced by Scoop DeVille.

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  1. Đ℞ΞV/|

    what ever happened the eminem who could carry a melodic tune when he rapped?

    overall the song is alright. I can’t say that I feel excited for Busta’s album.

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