Listen to Burial’s Previously Unreleased “Lambeth”

Listen to Burial’s Previously Unreleased “Lambeth”

PrintHyperdub just released their fourth installment in their 10-year anniversary series—the aptly titled Hyperdub 10.4—and it’s home to perhaps the most intriguing track in the bunch. It’s “Lambeth,” a previously unreleased tune from the once-mysterious Burial who, as you may know, revealed his identity earlier this year.

Apparently this track has been floating around online as a radio rip, per Stereogum, but this is the real deal—and it’s most definitely a Burial track. If you have listened to his music before, then you’ll know what I mean as soon as his trademark drums shuffle into the moody instrumental. As for anyone who hasn’t listened to the U.K. producer, this definitely serves as a fine introduction to his approach.

You can hear “Lambeth” below.

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