Listen: Simon SMTHNG Drops Some Of His Best Work Yet With ‘ettolrahC Coliseum’ EP

simon-smthn-ettolrahc-coliseumCharlotte, N.C.-repping producer Simon SMTHNG has been telling me that he’s had a project in the works for what feels like forever. Of course, it hasn’t actually been forever, or even anything remotely close to it—his label put out a compilation this past July. Still, I’ve been itching for new material since he released “The 23rd” earlier this month to celebrate his birthday (happy belated, again!).

Today, we finally get our hands on ettolrahC Coliseum, an EP that clearly pays homage to his current residence. But the love for his city goes beyond a mere title, as he also injected portions of the project with snippets from local television, like this hilarious Rev. Rob auto commercial. It kicks off one of my favorite tracks on the release, “Freedom,” which transitions from hilarity into a slick head-nodder outfitted with brooding piano chords, skittering drums, and a tension-building vocal sample. The title track is an instant hit, too, what with its watery instrumentation and choice hand drum work.

If you’re hit with a cold sense of loneliness after listening to the four tracks on here, there’s a good reason for that. As SMTHNG wrote in the description for the EP, “My city is disappearing.” Given the tearing down of buildings that once meant so much to Charlotte—that includes the one that birthed this project’s title—I can’t blame him for feeling that way.

Listen to the EP below and download it for free here.

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