Listen: Robert Glasper’s Fantastic “Dillalude 3”

Listen: Robert Glasper’s Fantastic “Dillalude 3”

Robert GlasperIn celebration of J Dilla‘s birthday this past Saturday, Robert Glasper released “Dillalude 3”. It’s an outtake from his forthcoming album Live At Capital Records. The Dillalude series first originated on Glasper’s debut album, In My Element with a voice mail message from Q-Tip suggesting the idea of playing and recreating J Dilla beats with the live band, “Trio style.”

The results on “Dillalude” are magical. You can hear Glasper and his band recreate Common’s “Thelonius”, Slum Village’s “Fall in Love” , and De La Soul’s “Stakes Is High”. It’s a fitting tribute to Jay Dee and his contributions. On “Dillalude #2” he replays more Dilla beats including “E=MC2” with Common, an “Intro” cut from Slum Village, “The Message” which was a Jaylib outtake, “The Look of Love” by Slum Village, and more.

In the latest installment, T3 leaves a voice mail for Glasper to do a part three. Robert Glasper, Damion Reid and Vicente Archer (the original Glasper trio) provide another smooth composition. I can’t make out all the J Dilla songs on here except for “Fuck The Police” towards the end, but I’m sure they’ll present themselves in no time. Robert Glasper’s Live At Capital Records LP is slated for a June release.

Robert Glasper speaks on meeting J Dilla;

“So when I met Dilla, the first thing I asked him was ‘Where’d you get “Still Shining?’” which was a song he did for Busta Rhymes, which is one of my favorite hip-hop beats of all time. Actually, it’s my favorite hip-hop beat of all time. He literally pulled out the record and showed me what he did and how he did it right there. He was a very sharing kinda dude, you know you asked him a question and he’d tell you exactly how he did it.

He wasn’t insecure. I know a lot of producers and beatmakers that tell me “Dilla used to send me beats, he would send me a pile of beats just to have.” He was always sharing, always giving his stuff away. Cats out here are like “yeah, he sat me down, showed me how to use the MP.” I know a lot of stories like that with different cats. And that just shows somebody who has great humility and a cat that’s not insecure. When you’re dope to the core like that, you’re not scared.”

You can stream Robert Glasper’s “Dillalude 3” below:

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