Listen: Red Pill’s “Look What This World Did To Us”

Listen: Red Pill’s “Look What This World Did To Us”

red pillMichigan, Detroit native Red Pill is preparing to release his solo album “Look At What This World Did To Us”. The Ugly Heroes (Apollo Brown, Red Pill, Verbal Kent) member is preparing to embark on his solo journey that highlights the sentiment of a generation alienated and disconnected from the glitz and the glam that most artists tend to glorify.

He recently dropped the title track off his forthcoming album, which documents the end of a relationship, the heartache, but also how a breakup can sometimes be for the best for both parties. Considering the subject matter, the beat is definitely uptempo, and the honesty is refreshing.

As Red Pill states;

“I wasn’t trying to do anything other than write a song that was an immediate emotional response to a difficult point in my life.  I wrote the exact words that came to mind and didn’t consider any technical abilities, just raw feeling.”

Red Pill’s Look What This World Did To US drops April 7th. You can pre-order it on iTunes now.

Stream Red Pill’s “Look What This World Did To Us” below:

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