Listen: Nacho Picasso Impresses With ‘Stoned & Dethroned’

Listen: Nacho Picasso Impresses With ‘Stoned & Dethroned’


Despite its gloomy, rainy climate, Seattle has much to celebrate. The great state of Washington has recreational marijuana (21 year olds can literally walk into a dispensary and purchase up to an ounce of delicious devil’s lettuce), the Seahawks are one win away from yet another Super Bowl appearance, and resident rapper Nacho Picasso is one of the most promising and unique talents in the industry right now. Picasso’s captivating voice draws you in and you stay for his sex, drugs, and rock & roll attitude.

In an industry where everyone is attempting to “make it” it is refreshing to hear an artist who does not adhere to the tried and true method of rap music. Picasso steps up to the plate with an ominous style that does not lend well to the mainstream, but he simply does not care. He truly doesn’t. He makes music he enjoys and the result is undeniably entertainment.

For his latest release, Stoned & Dethroned, he recruits production duo Blue Sky Black Death who have become nearly synonymous with Nacho Picasso. This is the fourth full project they have collaborated on. Their dark style works perfectly as the backdrop for Picasso’s frivolous adventures.

With titles such as “Bastard in a Basket,” “Coke Hyena, “One Bitch,” and “’89 Dope Spot” it is evident that this is going to be an interesting listening experience. Picasso is the rapper that your parents love to hate and I’m sure that is quite alright with him. He would punch your father and steal your mother for the night and you would dap him up in the morning. He is the most brash musician in recent memory but at times we do see a more introspective side as he speaks upon his dad, old friends, and love lost.

The 12-track offering flows from start to finish, what with Blue Sky Black Death crafting a score worthy of film. We follow Picasso throughout his brilliantly ignorant life and love every minute of it. He doesn’t seem to ever take a break and effortlessly rhymes throughout. His flow is slow and deliberate, enunciating every syllable and giving importance to every single word spoken.

Stream the project below.

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