Listen: Mulherin Enlists Jon Waltz for “Royalty”


Ballad hip-hop can do no wrong as we approach Valentine’s Day. Make no mistake about it: Feels will be in abundance this weekend, and Memphis MC Jon Waltz contributes by collaborating with Mulherin, a gifted production unit comprised of twin brothers who have a knack for electro-tinged R&B music and luscious crooning. The creative pairing yields “Royalty,” a triumphant, self-lauding piece that deceptively basks in forlorn sounds.

Waltz appreciates his girl giving him the Diddy treatment, the Mulherin boys request regal love from their queens, and the castle seems to be in order, but the finest moments come when Jon digs deep into relationships in his search for requited love.

Swing over to your partner’s place and give this a play for some good ol’ bonding. If you’re anticipating a lonely V-Day, well, the song is still worth checking out. Follow Mulherin and Waltz on Twitter.

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