Listen: Milo & Open Mike Eagle Dead-Pan The World On “objectifying rabbits”


Grab your thinking caps, folks. Hellfyre emcee Milo enlists the help of talented label mate Open Mike Eagle for “objectifying rabbits,” a fittingly brainy track and likely Milo’s last single before a toothpaste suburb hits the internets Sept. 23. The release date couldn’t come soon enough. We’ve been awaiting the full-length with baited breath, so to say we welcome this final project teaser with open arms would be a serious understatement.

Both artists deliver verses that go hand-in-hand, dead-panning all the idiosyncratic facets of life over a woozy, sputtering backdrop that adds an idealized, nostalgic tint to the rappers’ words. Milo makes every moment count, zig-zagging from one topic to the next like a stone-hopping child. He somehow rarely sounds unfocused, spotlighting internal pains and abstaining from “getting shit faced” before smartly adding a subsequent quip at the 0:18 mark. Nearly every bar he shares (and that’s what many of these liens feel like: a genuine exchange, albeit one-sided) is quotable, urging us all to keep a vigilant watch over our soul fortress.

Open Mike Eagle, per usual, proves why he is criminally underrated, tapping the masterful melodies and keen perceptions that made his most recent album, Dark Comedy, a widely heralded effort, and one that we admittedly reviewed poorly.

“I made you something pretty, with my words today,” Milo softly sings, mild-mannered. In a tender, precise sentence, he elevates writing to another level, a move surprisingly rare in hip-hop.¬†Perch yourself on a thinking chair, anywhere, and consider your surroundings to the tune of “objectifying rabbits.” Listen to the track below, and preorder a toothpaste suburb here.

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  1. Oh man. Oh man. OH MAN. I can’t pick a favorite line but I geeked the hell out for the Negaduck reference. And that hook is lovely.

    This is kind of like a more serious sister track to “Advice Raps” off Dark Comedy.

    milo has not made a single track I haven’t loved. This is getting paid for with actual dollars. And that cover is up there with the last Daedalus LP in terms of beauty to the point I want to buy it for framing.

  2. so good haha

  3. Moses Ssebandeke|

    this ish is incredible

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